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These are my Favorite Blog posts.

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These are some of my favorite Blogs.

All pictures and video were taken on the day posted.

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Thursday the 1st of September 2022

6  has photos / videos virtual hearts

Thursday night!

Sunday the 31st of July 2022

14 + 7  has photos / videos 24 virtual hearts

Having a wonderful time with a new friend. Would you like to be my new friend too?

Saturday the 16th of July 2022

6 + 7  has photos / videos 14 virtual hearts

Thursday the 14th of July 2022

6 + 2  has photos / videos

Sunday the 12th of June 2022

4 + 16  has photos / videos 24 virtual hearts

I'm in a scary room thinking about you guys.

Thursday the 2nd of June 2022

4 + 6  has photos / videos virtual hearts

On my way to work

Wednesday the 1st of June 2022

8 + 1  has photos / videos virtual hearts

Saturday the 14th of May 2022

8 + 5  has photos / videos 64 virtual hearts

After taking a shower, I'm about to get ready go to bed.

Friday the 6th of May 2022

8 + 3  has photos / videos 40 virtual hearts

Good morning everyone. Time to shower and start my day.

Wednesday the 13th of April 2022

6 + 5  has photos / videos virtual hearts

Friday the 8th of April 2022

12 + 7  has photos / videos 128 virtual hearts

I am on my way going to work 😊


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